4th Aug 2016 "Could I cram just one more thing into this case?"

The Oasis Refugee Centre,Traiskirchen, Austria

Well folks, we've packed and weighed, re-packed and weighed again several times this afternoon, and now thankfully everything's 'in' and we've zipped up our cases for the last time. Phew ....talk about fitting a quart into a pint pot!

We genuinely planned to travel light, but then remembered those books we couldn't possibly manage without; those hairclippers so vital to prevent Neal from looking like 'the wild man of Borneo;' Earl Grey teabags; Bisto (thanks for the tip, Joan); custard powder; kiddies games, CD's; DVD's; laptops; cameras; Garmin Forerunner watches .... on and on it went until common sense finally took control and we both agreed 'enough is enough.'

We're also taking a carry-on case filled with 'British goodies' for the team at Oasis .... including 240 Tetley teabags; 2 boxes of Highland shortbread biscuits and a couple of boxes of Cadburys 'Heroes.'

Tomorrow morning Dan Ovens (thanks a million, Dan) is driving us to Bristol Airport, and by 5:30pm another Dan (this time Dan Lincoln from the Oasis team) will be meeting us at Vienna Airport to take us to Traiskirchen. For a moment I wondered if there was any significance in being sandwiched between two Daniels (no lions' den to face I hope!) but hey, that's just being weird, right?

So now the packing and the myriad mundane tasks of preparing our home for 'shut down' for 3 months are completed, and we have time to sit back momentarily and reflect on what this missions trip is really all about. Why are we going? What do we hope to achieve? Just what is it truly, honestly all about?

Well, more on that later ... but for now all I can say is its ALL about Jesus and sharing His amazing, overflowing and eternal love.

Thanks a million to everyone who's been involved in getting us to this point - everyone who's contributed financially (including the lady who's name I didn't catch last Sunday morning who gave me £20 to buy bubbles for the kiddies), and to everyone who's promised to keep us in their prayers. We love and appreciate you all!

Look out for the next update once we're settled into our new digs .........

Hugs and blessings

Neal & Lesley